2-Photon Absorption

Submitted by luca.montana on Mon, 01/26/2015 - 19:09

Is it possible with BerkeleyGW to calculate 2-Photon Absorption spectrum ?

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Submitted by jdeslip on Tue, 01/27/2015 - 16:41

There is no ability to do this in the released version of the code. And unfortunately, I don't feel comfortable/confident to share what is unreleased. You can in principle compute this yourself as a post-processing step from the eigenvectors, eigenvalues and matrix elements file.

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Submitted by jdeslip on Fri, 02/20/2015 - 14:24

Hi Luca,

Sorry for delay. Can you send me an email? I can send you a paper with formula to use. But, it will take a bit of coding. At some point, we will release a non-linear optics extension to BSE. But, don't have timeline.

Submitted by babarker on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 15:20

Hello Luca and Forum Users,

Two-Photon Absorption functionality is available in BerkeleyGW-1.2.0! It is in the NonLinearOptics directory of the source code.