Sigma calculation Error

Submitted by kcsantosh on Wed, 06/15/2016 - 15:34

Hi all,
I was computing sigma, however, I got those messages. Could you please, help me to fix those issues.
however ,the epsilon works fine.
Thanks in advance.
Running MPI version (parallel)
Running with 48 MPI task(s)
Using OpenMP. Number of threads per MPI task: 2
Using the Generalized Plasmon Pole model
We are communicating via MPI
Computing CH as a partial sum over empty bands
Computing full sum over G and G' vectors
Running with semiconductor screening
We are using a truncated Coulomb interaction: Cell Slab
Reading exchange-correlation matrix elements from vxc.dat file
WARNING: the `number_kpoints` flag is deprecated. The code now
automatically figures out the number of q-points from the input.
WARNING: ignoring the qpoints block for calculations other than HF.
sig%nkn < 1
From proc 0: ERROR: sig%nkn
From proc 1: ERROR: sig%nkn
From proc 2: ERROR: sig%nkn
From proc 3: ERROR: sig%nkn
From proc 4: ERROR: sig%nkn
From proc 6: ERROR: sig%nkn
From proc 7: ERROR: sig%nkn
Rank 7 [Wed Jun 15 15:21:24 2016] [c0-0c0s6n0] application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, -1) - process 7
I was using berkeleygw/1.1-beta2 and QE 5.4.0 at NERSC :

Submitted by dyq on Mon, 06/20/2016 - 15:00


This error occurs if the code fails to read any k points from the input file. Can you post your sigma.inp file here?